Best Skateboard In India

Best Skateboard In India: Do you want some adventure in life along with lots of health benefits? Then learn skateboarding. Doing skateboarding is very adventurous and fun. In the whole world, this sport is now taking popularity. Skateboarding has been around for a long time and is taking popularity day by day because of the massive health benefits. 

Skateboarding and Health Benefits

Lets checkout the health benefits of Skatboarding one by one.

Physical Endurance

We can not play football or any other fame day night. But we can play skateboarding even during the day or at night. 

Increases Concentration

Skateboarding requires some sort of concentration when you ride on the skate and push or pull it. It will increase your concentration.


When you are doing skateboarding you are doing lots of physical activity means you will be more fit. Your whole body will be involved in the activity.  You will burn your calories and weight.

Relieve from stress

Every sports activity which we do relieves some sort of hormones which reduces our stress. Similarly, skateboarding is a sports activity that helps us to reduce our stress.

Improve the coordination of body parts

When skateboarding, your eyes, neck, hands, feet needs to work together. This way your body stats improving the coordination of different body parts. 

Improve pain tolerance

While skateboarding we fall many times and we again rise up. We may get a few Wounds and bruises, but they will go away. This way while skateboarding we learn how to overcome pain which is one of the best lessons to live life. 

Increase in Self Confidence

While skateboarding we fall many times and we again rise up. This way it increases our confidence. We tear the wind and move forward by pushing our body. This way our confidences start boosting slowly.

Skateboarding Brands

  1. Sell Pluse
  4. jaspo
  5. HENCO
  6. FunBlast
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The Specifications

Product Features


Wave-board has a new feature, illuminating wheels. When you ride on the skateboard these wheels start eliminating the light, which gives you more visibility. When you speed up the skateboard the intensity of this light increases. This way it provides safety to the ridder.

360 Degree Inclined Casters:

Inclined 360 degree caster trucks and pivoting deck provides a snowboard-like carving ability.


Concave deck for increased foot control. High tech polymer with removable deck plate.

Twist and Go:

ILLUMINATING PU WHEEL Meet the new self-propelling wave-board, our most amazing and innovative creation for every surfer. Inclined caster trucks and pivoting deck provide a snowboard-like carving ability. Unique design allows acceleration and turning without pushing. Concave deck for increased foot control. This revolutionary concept combines for the first time the experiences of skateboard riding, snowboard and surfing, while also being self-propelled.

Rear Double Brake Design: 

The double brake design makes surfing safe on wave board, as it can be controlled easily by this enhanced feature.


360 degree inclined casters and a pivoting deck provide a unique carving motion, for the thrill of surfing and snowboarding on dry land.

  • New modern design, with non-slip, spiked traction pads – Polyurethane wheels 80 mm with illuminating lights.
  • Illuminating wheel-JBK wave-board has a new feature, illuminating wheels, that will make the rider safer by being more.

The Good

The Bad

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