Laptops FAQ

Are laptop cooling pads worth it?

Yes if you are using your laptop for a longer duration then its worth to have a laptop cooling pad. It makes it cool and increases the overall productivity of the laptop.

Are laptop stands worth it?

Yes if you don’t have a laptop table or any sort of table then its better idea to have a laptop stand which not only gives proper sitting arrangement but also makes it easier to handle the laptop.

Are laptop chargers universal?

No, most of the laptop comes with that country specific charger adapter. If you are planning to go out of the country then you should purchase one Universal Laptop Charger Adapter to use universally. 

Are laptop chargers lithium?

No laptop chargers are not lithium but the batteries which the laptop has are lithium ion cells.

Are laptop batteries lithium?

Yes laptop batteries have lithium ion cells which is the latest technology.

Are laptop screens measured diagonally?

Yes, when we talk about display size about laptops we have to measure it diagonally.

Are laptop keyboards membrane?


Are laptop hard drives universal?

No, some laptops have SSD ( Solid State Device) type and some have HDD ( Hard Disk Drive ).

Can laptop ram be upgraded?

Yes for some laptops, you need to check the specification of the laptop to know more.

Can laptop screens be replaced?


Can laptop run without battery?


Can laptop camera be on without light?

For most of the laptop the answer is no, this is because the camera and light turns on by same source of power.

Can laptop ram be used in desktop?

No, the slots of laptop ram and desktop ram are different.

Can laptop keys be removed?

Yes, use a flat screwdriver to insert from the upper corner of the key cap and apply gentle upward pressure to remove it. Be careful while removing the key cap. 

Can laptop batteries explode?

Yes if the laptop batteries produce more heat than they handle that time they might explode. This is a very rare scenario.

How laptop screens are measured?

You have to measure the laptop screen diagonally from bottom left to right top. 

How laptop cooling pad works?

Laptop cooling pad have fans which makes them cool quickly. If the fan is not there in that case they will give passage to pass the heat of the laptop naturally which is slow process as compared with fan cooling pad.